Social Media Management

Digital marketing is a cheap, easily accessible way to reach your potential customers. But for a busy small business it can be just one more thing on the to-do pile. You may not even know where to start, or how to make the most of things like trending hashtags.

By hiring a social media manager you can ensure that your business has an active account that points more customers to your website. Regular posting on Facebook or Twitter can significantly increase your engagement and attract new customers, as well as helping retain previous ones through special offers.

If you're interested in having me manage any of the social media below please check the packages page for more information.


Well known for it's character limit, Twitter's hashtags and trending topics section gives you plenty of options for reaching out to customers. You can utilise images and GIFs to make a point, tag with a relevant hashtag to broaden the number of people who see you, and engage in quick conversations to help bring people to your profile, and through there to your website.


One of the first places will people turn to for your business information is Facebook. A business page on Facebook helps you update your followers easily, and showcase your work to potential customers. It also allows people to leave you reviews, showing viewers that you are a local business with a good reputation.


If you have an Etsy shop or another ecommerce platform, then Pinterest can help direct people to your site. You can set boards around specific themes relevant to your site, and pin your items to lead people back to you. A good Pinterest account will reflect your style and that of your business, enticing potential customers to your website and products.